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2.-Second conditional exercises

..…Second Conditional - Exercises ………………
1. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
a) If a deer got into your garden, it _____________ (eat) all your plants
b) You _____________ (not pass) the exam if you didn’t study harder.
c) If I were you, I _____________ (not open) that umbrella inside the house. It’s bad luck!
d) I’d love to visit India if I _____________ (have) the chance.
e) I _____________ (write) a book if I had more free time.
You’d be very healthy if you _____________ (eat) an apple every day.
g) I wouldn’t do that if I _____________ (be) you.
h) If I _____________ (have) a penny for each Coke I’ve ever drunk, I would be rich.
If the weather were better, we _____________ (go) to the park.
2. Choose the correct form of each verb to make second conditional sentences.
a) If I _____________ (find) a wallet in the street, I _____________ (give) it to the police.
b) We _____________ (go) skiing if it _____________ (snow).
c) If you _____________ (see) him again, _____________ (you/recognise) him?
d) If I _____________ (have) a million pounds, I _____________ (never/work) again.
e) If he _____________ (not/be) a good player, he _____________ (not/be) in the team.
_____________ (he/do) me a favour if I _____________ (ask) him?
3. Rewrite the following sentences using the second conditional.
a) It’s raining, so we can’t have lunch outside. 
b) I’m busy, therefore I won’t come with you. 
c) This book is too expensive, so I’m not going to buy it. 
d) It’s cold, so we won’t go to the beach. 
e) I won’t call him because I haven’t got his phone number. 
4. Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.
a) If you took more exercise,
b) Would you go to the party if
c) If you smoked a cigarette around me,
d) If I didn’t have to work tomorrow,
e) I’d be extremely happy if
If I were Prime Minister,
g) If I could go anywhere in the world,
5. Give advice using “If I were you…”. Use the expressions in the box.
not eat so many sweets · not watch so many horror films · put on a jacket · see a doctor · take an aspirin
a) Your friend hasn’t been feeling well lately. 
b) Your brother wants to lose weight. 
c) Your friend has a headache. 
d) It’s a cold evening. Your sister is leaving the house in a T-shirt. 
e) Your classmate has been having nightmares recently. 
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