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Introduction to new units

Introduction of Units
Stage I: The unpacking
T. unpack concepts, conceptual understanding and contextual exploration in the statement of inquiry.
1. On the board:
Example a:
Example b: game
Example c: poster
Example d: concrete objects
2. We will be inquiring about SOI. Students in pairs, or groups make speculations on newspaper sheets
(learning displays)
3. we will be inquiring about that ………. “conceptual understanding” through this “area of exploration”.
Again, invite st. to build up their findings
4. Identify the summative task
5. Introduce the unit’s wonder wall. (a space for students to make their own predictions or understanding
about the SOI)
A flipped approach through which students infer/predict the SOI is also possible
Stage II: The teaching (process)
Teaching goes parallel, one factual with one conceptual. identify the way through which you will teach
this inquiry questions.
Components include content to be taught in an inquiry- based approach, the ATL skills, and maybe
objectives or strands.
Example of selecting and phrasing you ATL
a. Of content: how will teaching allow students’ different access to information
b. Of process: how will different ways of teaching help students make sense of the content
c. Of product: how different evidence of learning / products reflect learning.
Stage III: Assessment
Formative assessment should state how will the objective be evaluated, i.e., with what tool or task and
how students will be given feedback for possible improvements on the summative.
Stage IV: Resources
All resources of teaching, videos, links, activities …etc. should be included
Provide a sufficient reference in case the teacher leaves.
Stage V: Reflection
It should provide practical feedback for a teacher who may reteach the unit or parts of it.
It should not include statements like; “it is amazing, it was lovely. Students loved the unit”
A description of the students’ status quo, for example are they transfer, new …etc.
Obstacles and challenges.
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