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Scopes PPT

Scopes-Monkey Trial
July 1925
Who And Why?
• John Scopes was a teacher at Dayton,
Tennessee. On May 5th, 1925, Scopes was
accused of violating the Butler Act, which
stated that the Theory of Evolution was not
to be taught in public schools.
Scopes in 1925
Court Case
• The Scopes Trial, often referred to as the
Scopes-Monkey Trial took place from July 10th
to July 21st, 1925.
• William Jennings Bryan was part of the
• Clarence Darrow served in defense of Scopes
• The defense heavily relied on the Bible, but
on the sixth day of the trial they ran out of
witnesses and it was all thrown out.
The Verdict
• Scopes was found guilty
• He was fined $100 (equivalent of
$1,500 in 2022)
• The verdict was scrapped however
based on a technicality
Picture taken in the Courtroom during the
Life For Scopes After The Trial
• Scopes professional career was basically over
• He was mocked by the public for his beliefs
• Barred from working in Tennessee, moved to
Kentucky in 1930
• Failed run for the Kentucky seat of House of
• Given the key to the city of Shreveport,
Louisiana in 1960. He moved there in 1945
• Died in 1970 in Shreveport, aged 70.
(Believed to be) Later picture of John
Effect on History
• Evolution can now be taught in some public schools
• Brought the real first media shown court case and set a precedent for
media to distribute information about them.
• Expressed a difference in opinions and fact being taught in school