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Describe how pods and capsules disperse seed:
o They disperse their seed forcefully. It produces tension because of fibers in the
dried fruit pulling against each other, then the fruit split open and the wall of the
fruit spring back, flinging the seeds out of force. This type of dispersal is called
3. The caryopsis or grain
-Corn(Zea mays)
4. The cypsela
What do the bristle or hair-like structure called pappus represent in the flower from
which the flower was derived?
o It is the basal of each flower that can be found at the top of the ovary.
What role can the pappus play in seed dispersal?
o The pappus can function as parachute which enables the seed to be carried by
the wind.
C. Compound fruit
1. The aggregate fruit
-Sugar apple (Anonas squamosal)
2. The multiple fruit
From what kind of inflorescence is the fruit derived?
o Spike
-Pineapple (Ananas Comosus)