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1. being a responsible person, and I am proud that
I am still consistent with regards to academics
2. because of how i think creatively and how
organized I am
3. understand math problem
4. having connection to different people
being creative and has leadership skills. I am always
the one who are leading in any groupings and I am
also involved of making art like painting and
drawing. I can also sing and play a guitar.
1. I always procrastinate every night and consuming
too much coffee whenever I am studying
2. I am not good at public speaking. Everyone
thought that I was good enough but in myself, I am
not because I am lack of confidence and too slow to
construct a sentence in an english language.
3. lack of motivation to do things
being negative and thinking to myself that I am a
1. teachers are one the jobs that need to be
filled especially here in our country since our
country are now lacking to teachers because the
pandemic started
2. Both of my family in mother and father side
since our family is also full of educators
Being smart with my decisions, an active person
academically or even in real life situations. Since
my family is full of educators, I have a lot of
advantages and opportunities that awaits me.
1. I am a perfectionist type of person. Whenever I do
things academically, arts, or even in real life situations.
I always think that it should be look beautiful and
pleasing enough to satisfy my self.
2. My abilities and specialties were not as strong as
those of the others. Because there is someone with
better qualifications and a track record of success than
I do.
Having difficulty managing my time, feeling pressure,
and dealing with the expectations that others
expected of me