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anne english ans

1. What will you do if you achieve your dream job? Explain.
- If I were to reach my dream job which is being an enginner, I will do my job
properly. I will design, build, and maintain various complex systems and
structures, from buildings to software. I will make anything that have at least a
possibility. I will build anything what my clients, customers and the people wants
and will surely exceed their expectations. I will fulfil my works, projects, and
responsibilites satisfactorily.
2. If you were given three wishes, what would you wish?
- Everything will be always alright, nothing will go wrong.
- Eternal healthiness, happiness, and peace for everyone.
- Every dream and aspirations that I have shall come true no matter what
3. What would you do if you saw a person shoplifting?
- First, I’ll imediately take a picture of them while doing the deed for evidence in
case they will deny and ran from what they did if I’m going to ask them for an
explanation why would they do such thing. If they will answer me properly and
they have a valid reason, im going to let them go and then just pay for the items
they shoplifted. But if they’re going to shout at me and their reason’s
unbelievable, I’ll tell the owner about what they did and call the police to report it
straight away.
4. If you had enough money to giveaway, who would you help? Why?
- Myself. I’ll buy everything I want to cheer up myself because I want to spoil
myself as much as possible because that’s how I enjoy life. if there will be more
money left, I will donate it for those people who badly need it like the
orphanages, hospitals, and programs that aims to help people. In that way, Im
not only helping and making myself happy but the others too who deserve it.
5. If you could travel back in time, what year would you go to? Why?
- Year 2004. When my parents’ first child, my sister was made. I meant no hate for
my sister. It’s because it wasn’t on their plan to have a child while studying. They
were about to graduate on college the next year after but everything didn’t go as
they planned. They made my sister impulsively, without thinking of the
consequences throughly. I wish I could travel back in that time and make them
stop about what they’re going to do. Even that means that we will not be here
today, I juist hope they will finish their studies and reach their dreams together.
This is all because we’re all suffering, they got married but eventually split up and
that affected us big time.
6. What would have been different about your life if you had grown up in another
- I think everything about me would be very different. In short, my life would be far
different than the oneI have right now. My personality, dreams, habits,
perspectives, and more.