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DIscussion Board 2 - Who do you want to work for

Who do you want to work for and why?
In the previous lecture by Carrie Ma’am, she instructed us to write a letter to our future self. My
brain immediately started brainstorming regarding what should I ask my future self and what
questions I should pose, and it immediately struck me that let me ask, who my future self is working
for and why? Will the answer to this question be same as what I think my answer today is, is the real
So, let me not worry about what the answer would be in the future as of now and frame the answer
to what I want the answer to that question to be, NOW.
After an year or two, when I drag myself out of my bed up in the morning to work, I want the answer
to this particular question, i.e., “Are you happy with your work?” to be a BIG YES. Now this raises
another question i.e., what factors lead towards the answer being a YES and one of the most
important factors in my opinion is the answer to the very question this discussion board poses.
Being an open-ended question, I thought I would broaden the spectrum to my answer too and
stretch it into many directions. So, the first answer that comes in my mind towards the question is
that I want to work for ME. When I wake up in the morning, I want to be excited towards my work.
When someone comes and asks me whether I’m happy with my job, I want the answer to be YES. I
want to be engrossed, engaged in my work. I want the work to challenge me, make me come out my
bed (comfort zone) and stretch my legs in directions I never have. The satisfaction which I desire is
the same that results after solving a Sudoku puzzle. A work that makes you feel important, makes
you feel like you are in charge, like you are the driving force, one that helps you build collaborations
and social engagements towards solving socio-technical issues of the society is the work I want to
work for. A work environment where every day I’m learning something new and mastering my skills
even more would give me immense satisfaction. It would help my neurons and cells work everyday
and hence help me grow emotionally as well as physically. Once the above checklist is checked
completely, it will automatically complete the need of the other motivators or factors which can’t be
ignored like, monetary benefits, fulfilling dreams of people we care about, securing our family’s
future, etc. These factors are important and eventually can be fulfilled by working out of your
interest as well, but for me, these factors, when fulfilled by the results of work we love doing, would
give me immense personal joy.
Now, the second part. Which is this job that would tick all the boxes of the above-mentioned
checklist of my dream job? In my statement of purpose while applying for Northeastern University, I
had mentioned that it is my dream to work as a Data Science Engineer for one of the Big 4
consultancies, especially KPMG and then venture as an entrepreneur. So, my first goal is to work for
myself by working in KPMG. So, let me now mention out the 5 important factors that are the values
which KPMG works towards and that motivated me to have this as my dream company and the one I
want to work for.
1) Integrity – This factor motivated me because I want to do what is right. I want to build the right
models, ones which could help the company deliver right products to the clients and hence help the
organization and myself grow in the ‘right’ direction.
2) Excellence – There’s this Indian movie named ‘3 idiots’ in which there’s a dialogue which has stuck
with me. It says, ‘Run behind excellence and success will run behind you’. I want to be excellent in
the work I do, the data models I build, the skillsets I acquire. I want to keep learning and improving
everyday and carve an alcove towards excellence for me as well as for the organization.
3) Courage – The very courage to think and act boldly towards my goals motivates me. It incites a
certain self-belief in me where I would gain the confidence to achieve the goals, I have set for myself
and the organization. Courage and efforts are the two mantras of success for me and to do anything,
one must instil courage in self and then put in the efforts towards the goals.
4) Together – Coming together to work towards a common vision – Teamwork. Teamwork can make
the dream work. Imagine people from different cultures, different mindsets all coming together,
embracing their differences, respecting it and working towards a common goal that is self and
organizational betterment. The very chance to understand team’s approach, working in a team
environment and drawing strength and motivation from other team members towards work inspires
and excites me. As Helen Keller quoted, “together we can do so much”.
5) For Better – Betterment of the society as well myself and the organization is what I will strive to
achieve. It has always been my dream to give something back to the society which plays such a
pivotal role in a person’s all-round development. I want to work for this organization because I want
to do ‘what matters and things that will make a difference’ in my life, for my organization and for the
These 5 values are not only related to KPMG but are worth admiring and instilling for achieving other
goals as well. These values will also help me plan for my major goal in life, i.e., to be an
entrepreneur. These values are like 5 fingers on my hand. These will always remind me of the 5
values stated above which are the driving force for me. When I close all my 5 fingers in the form of a
fist, it automatically encourages me to work towards my goal of achieving my answer to the very
question of this discussion board i.e., who do you want for? ME.