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Recommendation Essay
Soriana is a Mexican company, founded in 1968 by Fransico and Armando Martin
Borque. Soriana only operates in Mexico and doesn't have any plans to operate in
the United States. It all started with a small shop in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. Now,
Soriana is a supermarket that sells all types of products.
Soriana has a good marketing strategy. This company's objective is to offer the
customer the best price of their products. They have done few campaigns promoting
their products and their stores.
Comparison and Recommendation
Soriana is staying behind in the new digital world. Their competitors are informed
and taking action in the marketing department. I suggest starting a new campaign to
make people see Soriana as the first supermarket of their choice. Soriana needs to
begin with social media. The new digital world makes everything related to selling a
product more easier. If you use social media correctly, you can reach out to so many
This company needs to build a new and improved department with young people
that have this creative thinking. Young people that feel confident in what they are
doing but specially know how the digital world works. We, as evolving humans, need
to see this as an opportunity to communicate with more people.
As we see in the chart above, we are comparing Walmart with Soriana. Walmart has
more visits every day of the week than soriana. Walmart has a very good marketing
strategy and knows how to reach out to more people. Soriana is staying behind, this
department of marketing that I am proposing is the best way to provide a better
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