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Frankenstein Group Assignment

Cornelius/AP Literature
Frankenstein - The Modern Prometheus
Journal Log, Presentation, Textual analysis
You and a few classmates will be assigned to one of the motif groups below. As you read
Frankenstein, you are required to keep a journal that logs instances when your assigned motif is
evident in every chapter. You should analyze how your topic is expressed in Frankenstein
through images, quotes, summary, and analysis/connections. You are encouraged to be
creative visually AND academically in this log. Each log will be scored. Then, you and your
group members will collaborate on a final presentation using the evidence in your logs
You will be graded on how effectively you can represent your assigned topic as it is
explored in Frankenstein in your log, your group presentation, and by your understanding
of the text.
Use the text!
Group 1 – Male/Female – Masculine/Feminine
Group 2 – Nature and Science
Group 3 – Parenting, Families, and Romantic Relationships
Group 4 –Allusions (references to the Bible, other works, idioms, etc.)
Group 5 – Foils, Doppelgangers, and Friendship
Group 6 – Life, Death, and Dreams
Presentation: Integrate quotes, images, art, shapes, color, exciting font,
silhouettes, and outlines of images alone or intersecting, emotions, words with
heavy connotation, etc. into your presentation.
This is your creation. Bring it to life!