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In my sleep, I dreamt about going to an apartment in China. This particular dream was the one
that I remembered out of the other dreams I couldn’t truly recall. My dream started out with my
grandfather carrying my luggage and walking up the stairs to his apartment. I think the dream
took place during the afternoon and it’s located in my hometown. When I entered the apartment,
I saw peach-colored walls. The place looked bigger than an average apartment. A man, who I
didn’t know, began to show me around and guided me to my room. In my room, I saw a laptop
that was the exact same model as mine. So I powered on the laptop and tried unlocking it with
the same password I used on my laptop. Surprisingly, the password worked. There was a large
window that had white, diaphanous curtains around it. Then I looked through the window and I
saw many children of different ages outside playing. I remembered that one kid was
skateboarding. A cemented street was what separated the apartment from the children since I saw
vehicles quickly passing through the area. I woke up from the dream before I even got a clear
view of the children’s faces.
A way to analyze my dream would be using the Psychoanalysis Perspective. This
approach helps me view the dream as something that’s been caused by my past experiences. I
was born in China and raised in my hometown until I was four years old. I think the times I spent
in China impacted what happened in my dream. Moreover, the vacations I took to China would
also have some influence on my desire to the visit my hometown again. My behavior developed
from my past experiences due to the fact that I immigrated to the United States. For example, as
a little kid, I was very happy and motivated since I was surrounded with toys and delicious food.
This behavior became a part of me as I grew up. The dream I had must have been created from
my desire from the past and the experiences I received from early childhood.
Activation-Synthesis is the second perspective for analyzing my dream. In this specific
perspective, I can examine my dream as something triggered by the neural activity of the brain.
The dream I had been created with the efforts of the brain in order to make sense of the neural
activity. There was an internal stimulation that took part in producing what I dreamt of. Random
segments of my memories were stimulated by the neural activity while I was in REM sleep.
After my memories get evoked, my brain would construct it into a story which was how my
dream came to be. My brain was activated and synthesized the dream as I slept into the night.
Finally, I used a Dream Web Site as the additional perspective. In the website, I searched
up certain objects, people, places that stood out the most in my dream in order to analyze them. I
researched “windows” first which resulted the fact that I might be reflecting on a decision. It also
stated that I have the need to go out into the enormous world and experience life and I’m feeling
emotionally distant. Next, I looked up “grandfather” and it represented a caring nature,
protection, tradition, and wisdom. The “luggage” symbolizes the several worries,
responsibilities, desires, and needs that are weighing me down. This object also signifies the
feeling of getting held back by my past problems and emotions. The last word I examined was
“hometown.” This specific word indicates that I might be unable to fully express my emotions. It
also implies that the dream I had reflected on the aspects of myself that were the most prominent
when I was living in hometown. Altogether, these four words from my dreams are explicating
that I miss my hometown because of my past memories and experiences. I’m missing the times
that I spent with my grandfather as a little kid. The website made me think that I’m homesick
because I haven’t visited my hometown for four years.
The interpretation that I think is the most valid for analyzing my dream would be the
psychoanalysis perspective. I think this perspective as the most effective because my past
experiences were relevant to the creation of this dream. For instance, one of my past experiences
was learning how to become a better person from a life lesson taught by my grandfather. The
way I perceived my dreams were different the three perspectives. I thought of my dream as a
sign of going back to China in the summer of 2013 because I remembered asking my dad if I
could take a vacation there next year. My dad promised me that I would definitely fly back to
China after school time ends. The emotion I had of this dream was mainly happiness because I
would be able to see my grandparents from dad’s side again. I hope this dream will come true
because I’m look forwarding to visiting China soon. I think everyone dreams because of the
imagination they have. Everyone has experienced different events in their lives which would’ve
adasconfused with the perspectives I had to write about it. But I managed to figure everything
out and wrote the best I can. This project was an enjoyable one because I have the opportunity to
talk about a dream I had. I was fascinated to learn about the meanings of my dream. I always
thought that what happens in dreams have high possibilities of happening in reality as well. I
believe that dreams can be controlled when we desire to. I look forward to sleeping because
dreaming is always the best part. I always look forward to sleeping because dreaming is the best