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one-pager directions for Much Ado About Nothing

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English 8: Much Ado About Nothing
A one pager is a single-page response to your reading of a poem, novel, chapter of a book, or other piece of writing.
It is a way to communicate your understanding of the material in a unique way. A one-pager allows you to be
creative and experimental. It gives you the opportunity to respond to your reading imaginatively and honestly. For
this One-Pager, you are responding to Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
Directions: Read the following activities and do 5/6 (the 3 must do and 2 of the may dos). Use
a lot of color and pattern to illustrate your thoughts and ideas clearly and creatively. You must
include the title and author of the text you are responding to.
MUST DO: Include at least 3 notable quote(s), phrase(s), etc.
that jump out at you. Write them down anywhere on your page. Use
different colors or writing style to make them stand out.
Respond to each quotation with your reasoning on why it is
important to the novel and important to you.
MUST DO: Make a personal statement about what you have read.
What did the reading mean to you? What is your opinion, final
thought, big question, or personal connection?
MUST DO: Use a visual image, either drawn or cut out from
magazines, which create a “visual focus” on your one-pager. Pictures
should represent what you have visually in mind about the reading.
Include other smaller visual images to highlight important things from
the novel.
MAY DO: Include outside research into topics presented in the text
(ie. Shakespeare’s life, the context of the play, the role of women in
Shakespeare’s time, stage and movie versions of the play etc.)
MAY DO: Questions you had as you read – and what you think are
the answers now that you have finished the play.
MAY DO: Biblical connections. What does the Bible say about some
of the issues presented in the play?
Be creative. Communicate your understanding or interpretation of the
reading. Create in a way that your audience will understand something
about the literature piece.
Fill the page up. Make it rich with quotes, images, color, etc.
Student’s Name:_____________________________________
English 8: Much Ado About Nothing
Rubric for One-Pager
(70 – 79 points)
(80-89 points)
(90-99 points)
Three (3) selected passages Quotations are missing,
or sentences from the text incomplete, or are
incorrectly cited.
Quotations are complete
but are insignificant.
Quotations are complete
and significant.
Three (3) explanations of
the selected passages from
the text
Explanations are missing
or do not adequately
explain why the passages
were selected.
Explanations are given
but are insincere.
Explanations are given
and are sincere and
Personal statements
Personal statements are
missing, in-complete, or
contain a summary of the
Personal statements are
complete but superficial.
Personal statements are
insightful and strongly
connected to the book.
Images are missing, or
partially missing.
Images are complete but
do not represent the book
Images are complete and
represent the book well
and look nice.
May Dos (2 choice
No other elements are
present or one element is
present but only partially
There are 2 other
elements present, but they
are not done superficially.
Both other required
elements are present and
done thoughtfully and
provide insight.
Mechanics, usage,
grammar, spelling
There are spelling,
This is mostly correct
punctuation, and/or other with some errors in
usage errors throughout.
spelling, punctuation,
and/or other usage issues.
There are very few, if any,
errors in spelling,
punctuation, and/or other
usage issues.
One-pager looks messy,
with no evidence of prior
planning or thought.
One-pager is aesthetically
pleasing, neat, wellorganized, with evidence
of prior planning or
One-pager looks
moderately neat and well
 You may earn up to four (4) additional bonus points for CREATIVITY!