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Bill of Rights One Pager

Bill of Rights One-Pager Poster Project
Final Project – Participation in Government
Due: Monday 1/25/21
Ms. Bacchus
Task: For your final exam, you will design a Bill of Rights One-Pager, a single page of artwork
that will represent each of the first ten amendments of the Constitution (see sample below).
For the Bill of Rights One Pager, you should:
(Please see rubric for grading)
- Briefly describe and illustrate each Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the boxes
provided. Add images and symbols to represent the main idea of each Amendment.
- Take your time and do each one carefully ensuring that each Amendment is represented
thoughtfully and symbolically.
- Be creative! You can draw by hand (using lots of color) paste in images from the
internet or magazines.
- Use quotes, relevant phrases, or current event issues to illustrate your understanding of
each Amendment.
- Make it eye-catching and attention grabbing!!
- Neatness and effort count and will be rewarded!!
- This is an exam/project grade so make sure you put in the effort to receive a passing
test grade.
- You may use the template below as a guide however the final project must be done on
tagboard distributed in class.
- You must submit your physical project in class as well as submit an image to Google
- This project is not digital, although you may cut and paste online images and text
onto your final project.
An example of a one pager is provided; however, it must be used as inspiration only!