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Physical relaxation Therapy

Physical Relaxation
 Relaxation in psychology, is the
emotional state of a living being, of low
tension, in which there is an absence of
arousal that could come from sources
such as anger, anxiety, or fear.
 Physical Relaxation is a process that
decreases the effects of stress on your
mind and body.
 Any method, process, procedure or
activity that helps a person to relax or
reduce levels of stress and anger.
It helps…
• A great way to help with
stress management.
• Can help you cope with
everyday stress and with
stress related to various
health problems, such as
heart disease and pain.
• Can decrease muscle
tension and breath rates
Deep Breathing
Muscle Relaxation
Relaxation Exercises
• Many psychologists have proven through
research, the affirmative correlations
between lower stress levels and
traditional training in Taekwondo.
• It is also known to have brought down
levels of aggression and hostility and
enhanced self-confidence and selfesteem in individuals.
• Taekwondo includes a lot of ancient Asian
cultural techniques that help in
developing an individual’s outlook
towards life, and also to live peaceably
with others in the community.
• Taekwondo helps in reducing stress by
giving you better control over your
• Here is a look at how this method
works. Stress affects the state of the
mind, and become evident in the form
of a physical symptom. Because
breathing brings about a connection
with the body and mind, by
performing a simple breathing
technique allows you to gain control of
it. This will help you to curb the stress.
• Those feelings are boosted by endorphins,
your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.
Endorphins are also known to be natural
painkillers, improving your ability to sleep,
which also reduces stress.
• Taekwondo helps you redirect your thoughts,
making you completely forget about your
stressful day.
• When you become used to shrugging off
problems, you start to gain awareness of
what’s a real problem and what’s not. You
ignore little problems and focus on what’s
more important instead.
• The more you shed your problems away and
focus on taekwondo, the easier it will be to
stay calm and clear when you’re off the mats.
Imagine that you're
having a particularly
stressful day, and
everything seems to
be going wrong.
Your heart may race,
your breathing may
become fast and
shallow, and you could
even feel that you can't
cope with the task at
hand. These feelings are
the result of your body
going through sudden
changes as it prepares
to deal with a perceived
threat – this is the
famous "fight-or-flight"
You have a number of
important deadlines due,
several members of your
team have called in sick,
and you've just found out
that you have to make a
presentation to the class –
Enjoy the
rest of the