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Work Experience
Mar 2021 - Present
IRD Engineering
Hancesti, Moldova
Senior Materials/Pavement QAE
Coordinate supporting staff engaged for quality control (laboratory
technicians, site inspectors, and surveyor).
Prepare a data base of procedures regarding the implementation of quality
assurance plans.
Check that procedures are implemented. Performing Quality Audits.
Elaborate a procedure to be applied of the delivery; checking approval and
payment of the materials to be incorporated into permanent works;
Approve the quality of the works Ghost Standards & EN Standards
Approving materials, plants & equipment and quality of works executed; Cold
Recycle Asphalt methodology applicable.
Verifying and testing the mix design for asphalt, concrete, earthworks, ballast,
stabilised ballast with cement, crushed stone and other materials provided of
offsite, concrete pretested elements and reinforcement steel;
Advising on road works failing quality test, to be removed from the interim
certificates for payment, reviewing the remedial actions proposed and
monitoring their implementation after approval; SMA with SBS modified
asphalt mix design wearing course.
Jan 2020 - Apr 2021
Doha, Qatar
Senior Pavement Specialist
Assist the Construction Project Managers in the implementation, inspection,
testing and acceptance of the asphalt pavement works.
Assist the Quality team on the testing procedures required for the acceptance
of the works.
Advise and assist in the selection of the materials and design mixes required
for the asphalt pavement works
Provide advice on the materials, working practice and testing procedures
required for the sub-base and sub-grade works.
Liaise and coordinate with other departments on the inspection and testing
plan being proposed for the asphalt works.
Provide recommendations for improvements on the design and construction
activities of the asphalt pavement works.
Assist on the audits, inspections and approvals of test laboratories, and
provide specialist advice on the interpretation of the test results.
Provide advice to the Contractors, as and when necessary, for the
implementation of the asphalt pavement works. Participate on the audits,
inspections and approvals of asphalt plants.
Advice on the proposal to recycle materials for the sub-grade, sub-base and
asphalt works.
Review method statements and procedures for the asphalt works.
Provide training support for field staff and inspectors responsible for the
implementation of the asphalt works
Provide advice on the implementation and use of CRMB for the asphalt
works, including 15% RAP used in Base course layer.
Presentations and client interactions progress reports.
Provides Quality Systems leadership using the ISO 9001 Standard as the
basis for process development and optimization, procedure development,
data collection and reporting and Quality Systems training.
Interfaces at senior and executive levels with regard to ISO 9000 process
improvement and re-engineering
Develops and maintains Quality Policy, Processes, Procedures and related
Reviews Quality Manuals, documents, and implementation procedures to
verify compliance with industry codes and standards, regulations and
regulatory commitments.
Plans and executes required audit activities (schedules, plans, reports,
finding resolutions, etc.)
Performs and adequately documents Internal Quality Audits of assigned
office, projects and job sites, and manages all related follow-up activities.
Audits conducted to assure compliance with the company standards, contract
requirements, and applicable codes, specifications and drawings, including
but not limited to: Design, Engineering, Estimating, Procurement, Project
Controls, Vendor / Subcontractor Management, Receiving, Handling &
Storage, Construction, etc.
Facilitates all internal and external Quality audits and briefs management with
the results.
Effectively documents, follows-up and closes corrective actions – both
internal and external.
Analyses findings / issues / non-conformance identified during audits to
determine program quality and identify performance trends.
Reviews from a quality perspective (and approves if required) documents
prepared by internal or external organizations such as quality manuals and
procedures, technical deliverable, test plans and procedures, purchase
orders, and subcontracts.
Apr 2015 - Nov 2018
AECOM International
Doha, Qatar
Senior Pavement Specialist Engineer
Review of Method Statements & ITP submitted by the Contractor for various
pavement layers production and construction.
• Review of mix design for Aggregate road base, asphalt pavement layer
including using Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), laboratory trial and plant
trial reports.
• Inspect and approve of site laying trial for pavement layers before
incorporation in the permanent works.
• Obtain schedule of daily/weekly/3 month look ahead from the Contractor,
review and inform to the KBR and all concerned.
• Review ANCR/MUO/UO issued by PWA and provides technical guidance to
the Contractor to submit the Corrective Action Plan and Corrective Action
Summary for review of KBR/PWA and close out.
• Assist in audit of pavement material production facilities including hot mix
plant, aggregate road base plant, crushing plants and laying site equipment
• Assist KBR during their regular audit process of pavement layers on
construction practices, materials, plants and supervision.
• Closely monitor and provide on-site supervision of construction works
including technical advice and assistance to the Contractor and working
group to ensure required quality, strength and smoothness of finished
pavement layers.
• Provide inputs to the monthly/weekly/QAQC reports & plan.
• Review and provide inputs to the prequalification documents of
suppliers/subcontractors for pavement works.
• Issue observation and non-compliance (NCR's) with regard to the pavement
works not in compliance with the contract documents.
• Review the performance of the Contractor with regard to the quality and
program of pavement layers and report to SRE.
• Review designs, reports, specification and other contract documents for
pavement works.
• AMPT Performance based mix design testing and FWD tests, IRI
smoothness .
• Ensure project quality system is implemented to all pavement works.
• Provide inputs on changes/variation/claims related to pavement layer, if
• Review the Pavement Mechanistic approach Design using Circly and
AASHTO methods .