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Safety Rules Answers

science Safety Rules
Only enter the lab if there is a teacher present.
No running in the science lab.
Might trip over. It could be dangerous if you knock
something over e.g. a glass beaker. You could fall
on the Bunsen burner
No practical jokes or fooling around in the science
Might drop something or spill chemicals.
Never eat food in the lab.
Chemicals could be on your food
Never touch equipment or conduct experiments
(i.e. mixing chemicals) that you haven’t been told
to do.
So we don’t cause any dangerous reactions to
Tie up long hair.
So it cant catch fire
Always wear safety glasses when told to.
To keep your eyes safe from chemicals and fumes,
heat, gases, hot liquid, glassware
Keep sleeves, books and paper away from
Can catch on fire
Never taste chemicals.
They could be poisonous
Never sniff the chemicals, only just waft them
towards you if instructed to.
Don’t want them to be inhaled because they could
burn your nose
Never look directly into a test tube or point the
open end at someone.
The contents could spray out
After use, equipment should be cleaned and hung
on the rack to dry. Your bench should be wiped.
We need to clean off chemicals. We all need to be
responsible for cleaning.
Do not pick up equipment that you have just
We could get burned.
Pour liquid waste into the sinks and solid waste
into the garbage bin.
So we can dispose of everything properly
Report any breakages, damage or spillages to
Miss Curtin immediately.
So you don’t hurt yourself/something detrimental
doesn’t happen.
Always wash your hands after working in a lab.
We might have chemicals or other unhygienic
substances on them.
science Safety Rules