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Welcome to supervision! I am excited to be a part of your fieldwork experience.
My goal is to provide quality supervision that supports you in learning the 5th edition
task list, meeting your goal hours for the month, and helping you complete required
paperwork. The BACB provides a curriculum for supervisors and that can be found here.
Below is some information you’ll need. I also briefly describe what the schedule
will look like for supervision and I add some tips that helped me when I was a
supervisee. You will also receive three pages taken from both the BACB Handbook and
BACB Fieldwork Curriculum that best describes your responsibilities in regards to
supervision and fieldwork. These documents are sent to help you get you started but I
recommend going the BACB website when you have an opportunity. There is a lot of
information on the website, including the 5th Edition Task List and the Code of Ethics.
NOTE: There are two types of fieldwork criteria: Supervised Fieldwork and Concentrated
Supervised Fieldwork. They each have different requirements. Also, see page 15 (sent
separately) for more information.
Monthly Requirements (a.k.a Supervisory Period)
 Each month we need to connect a minimum of 4 or 6 times, depending on the
fieldwork criteria you are following. The contact needs to be for at least 15
minutes as per the BACB.
 Keep track of the hours you accrue. Make sure you look at the fieldwork
requirements to help guide you.
 5% or 10% of your monthly total fieldwork hours need to be supervision hours.
 A minimum of 60% of your fieldwork hours need to be unrestricted.
 Each month requires a video for observation.
 By the 1st of the following month complete the Monthly Verification Form and send
it to me so that I can sign it.
 Keep your tracker separated by month/year and keep your monthly verification
form. You will need to keep everything for 7 years.
Please note: Initially I’ll get the ball rolling for supervision, but you will need to initiate
the required number of contacts. We can set dates each month or you can contact me
via WhatsApp 4x/6x (again, depending on your fieldwork criteria) throughout the month.
Here’s what I’d like to do each month:
We will get together to review a FBA that Jennifer sends us to complete based on
her directions (i.e., score the MAS). This will be great practice because FBA/BIPs
hold pretty much everything a BCBA does: analyzing data, arriving at a
hypothesis, performing a functional analysis, identifying a behavior change
procedure, monitoring progress, etc.
Review journal articles and fill out an article guide.
Go over the 5th Edition Task List to learn and apply concepts.
Help you memorize IOA!
To do this, though, we need to be able to schedule times during the month to help
prepare accordingly. If for any reason, you need to go over something else, no problem!
We certainly can change the schedule around.
***Another thing, when we schedule a contact, let me know if you prefer to Zoom, talk
by phone, or text.
***I will use your email to send you documents. If you have another preference, please
let me know.
***During this supervision time, check your WhatsApp and your email on a regular
Fill out your fieldwork tracker every day. Don’t wait.
Keep in mind: the total hours is a sum of the fieldwork hours and the supervision
hours. So if you are going for 130 hours in a month, 5% of that is 6.5 hours and
10% is 13 hours, meaning 123.5 or 117 hours of behavior analytic work should be
detailed on the fieldwork tracker.
Text me if you need help connecting the work that you are doing to the task list
because your work needs to be behavior analytic in nature. For example,
photocopying to provide parents information is not behavior analytic, but
reviewing records and data at the outset of the case is (F1) and monitoring
progress is (H6), which can be done with the parents.
Read Cooper and write notes on each chapter.
Use a binder and put concepts in alphabetical order so you can find your notes
easily. For example, put Frequency under letter F or put all measurement
procedures under M. Every time you learn something new, go to this binder and
write it on your existing notes. You will soon see that you can study from this
Keep your fieldwork tracker, signed Monthly Verification Forms, anything you said
on the fieldwork tracker that you created, etc., on a cloud, such as Dropbox.
Did you know that you can look up BCBA’s certification on the BACB website? This
source steps up our profession a notch above others. You can look me up using my
name, for example. You will need the supervisor’s certification number or ID# to add to
your Monthly Verification Form. Here is my information:
Marcela Forero
BACB ID: 1-21-52891
I hope you have a wonderful experience, and that your journey during your supervised
fieldwork puts you on the right path: confident in your knowledge and ethical in your