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Class Notes
Class: VIII
DATE : 28.08.2020
Subject: ENGLISH
Topic: Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster
C. Answer these questions in 80-100 words each.
1. Ajit was a great inspiration to his younger brother. Explain the statement with examples
from the text.
His brother Ajit was a great inspiration for Sachin. Ajit played a significant role in Sachin's
career giving him inspiration and courage in his childhood. The most important thing is that
Ajit took Sachin to Ramakant Achrekar, the childhood coach of Sachin Tendulkar, when
Sachin was 11. Ajit introduced the young Sachin to cricket. It was only Ajit who knew the
talent and the potential of Sachin and his passion and love for the game. When Sachin was
nervous and not able to make any impact on the first day of his camp as Achrekar Sir was
looking at him carefully, Ajit asked the coach to give him one more chance. Ajit knew the
talent as he has seen him playing in the colony. Ajit explained to the coach that Sachin was
nervous on the very first day. Ajit used to accompany Sachin to his sessions until he was
able to make it as routine. Ajit and sachin used to have the conversations about the nuances
of batting while travelling. He also handed over him a note containing some thoughts about
batting which proved to be very beneficial for Sachin and he kept it as his personal coaching
2. At the age of eleven, Sachin Tendulkar sacrificed his summer holidays to practice cricket.
Is it important to make sacrifices to achieve your goals? Give reasons for your answer.
Yes, it is important to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. Unless you focus on your
objectives, you cannot fulfill them. What you need to achieve your goal is single minded
devotion and complete concentration. This can be done only when you give up a few things
to devote all your time to attain the goal you have set for yourself. Very often, people tend to
get distracted by some temptations that come their way. Distraction can completely lead you
astray and you waste precious time doing things which are unnecessary and make you
unable to achieve your goal. You may have to sacrifice hours of sleep and rest, recreation
and give up your comforts to achieve your goals, but all these sacrifices will be worth it, for
you will ultimately be able to attain what you want.
D. Read the sentence and answer the questions that follow.
1. This time Sir agreed to let me join the camp.
a) Who is sir?
b) What do you know about the ‘camp’?
c) How was ‘this time’ different from the previous time?
Answers:a) Sir Ramakant Achrekar,
b) The camp was held at Shivaji park in summer and it had nets for players from all age
groups, starting with the sub juniors (Under-15) and juniors (under-17) levels.
c) This time was different from the previous time because Achrekar sir had moved away so
that Sachin did not feel nervous in his presence. Sachin hit the ball well this time and got
accepted in the summer camp.
2. During the bus journeys, he would talk to me about nuances of batting.
a) Who is he?
b) Where would the bus take them?
c) What does the speaker say immediately after this?
Answers:a) He is Ajit, Sachin’s elder brother.
b) The bus would take them to Shivaji Park.
c) Immediately after this, the speaker says that the one thing he has kept with him all his
career is a note containing some thoughts about batting that Ajit gave him.
QUESTION- In his Rajya Sabha speech on the importance
……………………………………………………… batting as well as bowling skills in the nets.
a) Do you aagree with Sachin’s belief in practice to achieve glory? Why/ Why not?
Ans. Yes, I agree with Sachin’s belief in practice to achieve glory. The first thing that
Sachin believed in his practice was to shed your ego before coming to work. This ego
never helps in achieve big things. We should leave it out of the door before entering into
any kind of work. The second thing to succeed in life is to study the failures and not to
dwell on them. We should take the failures as experiences and learn from them. We
should listen to our mind to achieve our goals. People around us give us a lot of advice
but it should be us who takes our decision. As in sports, we should look for good
partnerships in life also. We should not be in a hurry in choosing a relationship. The bond
between any two relationships should be strong enough to bring success to both. Finally,
we should not hesitate to ask for help. If we want to learn something new, we should first
accept that we do not know, unlearn our imaginations and ask for help.
b. Think of a time when you had given up trying to do something because you
thought you were not good at it. Did you stop to think if you had practiced enough?
Ans. Life is a struggle. Life will throw curveballs at you, it will humble you, it will attempt to
break you down. And just when you think things are starting to look up, life will smack you
back down with ruthless indifference. At least, that’s how it often feels, right?
The reason most people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up. Life
was never meant to be easy – it’s a constant struggle, with extreme lows and amazing
highs. Remember that the times when it’s most important to persevere are the times that
you will be most tested. I will here give an example from my own life.
When I was in grade 4, I wanted to win prize in English Poetry Recitation Competition.
But I did not practice at all and went for elementary rounds. The teacher scolded those
who did not come prepared. I lost hope and decided to give up. But my truest friend
motivated me and help to overcome from that situation. After rigorous practice and hard
work, I once again reached to the teacher for selection. Finally I was able to get a green
signal. And at last I stood First in the competition. So, remember one thing practice will
make us perfect.
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ―Nelson Mandela.
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