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School Within a School Project Rubric

School Within a School (SWIS) Personalized Project Rubric: Formative Assessment
Student Name
Approaching Expectations
Meeting Expectations
Math 9
Estimate reasonably estimating
using referents, approximation,
and rounding strategies (e.g.,
the distance to the stop sign is
approximately 1 km, the width
of my finger is about 1 cm)
Apply multiple strategies to
solve problems in both
abstract and contextualized
Visualize to explore
mathematical concepts
Science 9:
Make observations aimed at
identifying their own questions,
including increasingly complex
ones, about the natural world
Ensure that safety and ethical
guidelines are followed in their
Model with mathematics in
situational contexts
Seek and analyze patterns,
trends, and connections in
data, including describing
relationships between
variables (dependent and
independent) and identifying
Exercise a healthy, informed
skepticism, and use scientific
knowledge and findings to
form their own investigations
and to evaluate claims in
secondary sources