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9 22 Journal

9 22 HJ
2016190240 Wi, Jae hong
As I mentioned in English reading and writing class, I suffer from many pains in my
standard. When people heard story about me, they said ‘How…’ or ‘So pitiful’. But I think my pains
are good opportunity to understand other’s pain, and it is edge for my dream. I always think
about my future, and my ideal figure is ‘teacher with communication’. The reason that I got a
dream like this is my past experience with teachers. When I was in elementary school, there are
many students that drop out or rebel against teacher. At first time I saw, I could not understand
why they disobeyed their teacher, because teacher’s says seems like always right. After few years
ago, I entered middle school, and I started to rebel against to teacher. I think that teacher didn’t
any effort to understand me, and I closed my mind. My mind closed so tightly, and I never open
my mind to people. With this mind, I entered high school, and I met the teacher who perfectly
understand my mind. He talked about his past pain, and it is similar to my pain. Although I
disobeyed his order and ran away for school, he always tried to communicate with me. This
behavior changed me steadily, and I changed my mind. I was inspired by his behavior, and I
decided that I must return his kindness. So I make a decision to be a teacher, and think about my
pain. Like my high-school teacher, pain can be used by tools of communication. Because of this
thought, I started sharing my pain, and I never regret it.