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1.1 Metamask Instalation Process Eng

Using MetaMask for Beginners - Installing MetaMask
The installation file can be downloaded from the official website, Metamask.io
which is the safest solution. Currently the wallet works with Chrome, Firefox,
Brave and Edge browsers.
Opera users also use the Chrome extension, but there have already been complaints in several
cases. The mobile version is available for Android and iOS devices.
After installing it, let's start it and then click the "Get started" button!
2. Create the MetaMask wallet
By pressing the "Create a Wallet" button we will create a completely new wallet (wallet); and
by pressing the "Restore" button, with the help of the seed words we can recover / restore a
previously created Metamask wallet.
Here you will be asked if you want to send feedback to the developers - we can choose, it
depends on us whether or not we want to do this. Here we will also enter a password - to be
strong and write it down somewhere because we will need it so we can use the wallet. It should
be mentioned that the restoration of the wallet is possible without a password.
By clicking on the gray field we can see the words seed. Let's also write them down and keep
them in a safe place! With their help, anyone can access our wallet. And if we lose them, we
can't restore / recover our wallet and our cryptocurrencies will be lost! It would not be bad to
keep them in several copies and for this purpose we can even use a metal device for storing the
Then we have to enter the words in the correct order - this is how the system checks if we
really wrote them down. After that we will be able to press the "Confirm" button. Thus, our
Ethereum wallet is ready to use.
Also if you want more help you can acces this website and follow the instructions.
Copy the link in your Google search bar → https://metamask.io/faqs