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People who did everything to win - a text about Adolf Hitler

Adolf hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. He grew up with his dad beating him. And his mom
died when he was young. He had a really rough childhood. He moved to Germany in 1913
and joined the army as a German soldier during WW1. He was then decorated for bravery,
when he received the Iron Cross Second Class in 1914 and the First Class Iron Cross in
1918. He then in 1919 joined the DAP (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, DAP). He rose quickly
through the ranks of the DAP due to his incredible speaking abilities. He was appointed
leader in 1921. In 1923 he made a march on munich an attempted a coup to seize
government control. When the coup failed he was sentenced to jail for five years. In jail he
started writing the famous autobiography, Mein Kampf (My fight or My Struggle). After his
early release in 1924 Hitler started to get the support of the German people. In 1932 the
Nazi Party held the most seats, in what would be the german congress. However, since no
one held the majority, the former chancellor convinced the president to make Hitler
chancellor. After that he went full maniac, thinking he was Germany's great destined savior
and that he was sent by god.
Now we have to look at it from a psycologícal point of view. What was Hitler's definition of
win? Because if you look at the outcome of WW2 he did everything but win. So what was his
motivation? If you can't recognize someone's motivation, look at the outcome, maybe that
was the end goal? Because if the goal was to win WW2, he made a whole lot of mistakes
and didn't really do “everything to win”. But what if his goal was to create as much chaos as
possible? Then he would have completed his goal. Because if we have to look at it from his
perspective jews, he wasn't afraid of them, he was disgusted by them. Because when you’re
afraid of something you want to run as fast away as possible. When you’re disgusted by
something you want to burn it to the ground. Which is, in a sense, what Hitler did to the jews,
he eradicated them. But if his goal was to win the war, why not use them as slaves? Why not
have women in the workfield? Why declare war on the United States? All these why’s lead
up to the question, was Hitler really interested in winning this war? I think Hitlers interest lay
within creating a chaos that no one throughout history could match, he was a mad man. So
in the sense of him creating chaos, he truly did everything to win.