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Black Death Video Questions

What Made The Black Death (The Plague) so Deadly?
As you view the clip answer the questions below.
1. In what year did 12 infected ships drop anchor in Scilly? ___________________________
2. In which country is it suggested that the Black Death first began? __________________________
3. What physical signs in the body alerted people to infection? ______________________________
4. What is the estimated death toll in Europe due to the Black Death? ________________________
5. What was the estimated death toll world-wide? ________________________________________
6. What was the world population prior to the outbreak of the Black Death? ___________________
7. What was the most likely animal vector in urban areas that helped spread the disease?
8. What is “rat falls”? ________________________________________________________________
9. What geographical pattern did the plague follow as it spread throughout Europe and the rest of
the world? _______________________________________________________________________
10. What other cause of death may have contributed to so many fatalities during the plague?
11. What percentage of the population had a gene that offered some form of immunity to the Black
Death? ___________________________________________________
True or False – The plague is still around today.