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IT specialist Proposal

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Zerihun Lakew, I am an IT Specialists with a BA degree on computer science and
I’ve over 10 years’ experience on the job. Most of the responsibilities I’ve been tasked with are
maintaining and improving the technical systems of a company to ensure all employees have
the technology they need to complete their work and the organization’s important files and
information remain safe and intact. Also, I am experienced on the following responsibilities:
Anticipate and report the cost of replacing or updating computer items
Assisting with network administration tasks.
Educating coworkers about network security and best practices for computer usage.
Ensuring data storage is safe and secure.
implement security measures
Installing new software and hardware components.
Monitor security certificates and company compliance of requirements
Offer technical support to company staff and troubleshoot computer problems
Regularly evaluating IT systems to ensure they meet the necessary demands.
Resolving all issues coworkers have with their IT systems and software.
Review diagnostics and assess the functionality and efficiency of systems
Supporting the day-to-day operations of company computer network.
Troubleshoot Basic Printer scanner copier problems like changing toners clearing jams
and training users to effectively use the equipment.
Troubleshooting network problems and so on.
If you would accept me, I would like to make my proposal as an IT specialist and I will perform
these listed job functions for your company.
i will install, maintain and repair products such as Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Multifunction
Copiers, integrated systems, subsystems, and software at the company and/or field locations.
Instruct employees in IT equipment operation, provide technical assistance, performs
preventative maintenance, troubleshoot equipment for malfunctions to eliminate problem in
minimum time.
With a good support from Ethio Telecom service desk and a personal support line, If any
telecom issues appear I will make sure the problems will be solved within a short time using
this personal support line.
I will be available accordingly needed days per week to accomplish my responsibilities and do a
routine IT assessment.
I will also be giving a remote support and troubleshooting using TeamViewer and Any desk
applications at any time when needed by the company employees anywhere in the world.