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Global Issues Introduction (1)

Omar A Valdez Rocha
What is globalization?
What is globalization?
The process of becoming global, which has been taking
place for centuries.
The globe (the world) is understood as one single place.
Other process models with the same
trajectory as globalization
• What do these terms mean?
• Americanization
• McDonaldization
• Creolization
• Transnationalization
• Balkanization
• Liberalization
• Polarization
Other process models with the same
trajectory as globalization
• What do these terms mean?
• Americanization. The process of becoming American.
• McDonaldization. Practices and values become standardized around the
• Creolization. Increasing diversification. Hybrid forms emerge.
• Transnationalization. Relationship between nations. Moving beyond
the nation-state
• Liberalization. The relaxing of broders for the easier flow of goods.
Globalization - Nations
How something (a person, a corporation, a work of art) “relates directly
to the globe, unmediated by the nation-state.” Darren J. B’yrne
• You as a person.
• How does your lifestyle and identity relate to the idea of seeing the world-asone place?
• Think of travelling, family living abroad, music and films, who/what you follow on
• Are you connected globally in one way or another?
• The national news.
• The grocery store.
The Globalization of the World
• “Globalization of the world refers to both the
compression of the world and the intensification
of consciousness of the world as a whole.”
Roland Robertson
The Globalization of the World
• “Globalization is…about human interconnections
that have assumed global proportions.” Roland
• A modern strategy power?
• Social context
• Historical context
Globalization has always been with us
• Global consciousness and the concepts of
nation, religion, civilization and race.
Globalization involves two processes
• The physical process of interconnectedness (the world gets smaller)
• The awareness of our relationship to the world as a single place.
Equity, Peace, and Sustainability
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What is a global issue?
• What is the relationship between the local issues and the state of
affairs at the global level?