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building a barn

B. Ed. ECEC (Hons.)
Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education
Faculty of Education
University of Malta
Activity plan
Title of project:
Farm animals
Activity type:
Activity title:
Activity organisation:
Focus of activities:
Possible new vocabulary to focus
Resources & materials needed:
Activity duration:
30-40 minutes
Lets build a barn.
The main focus of the activity is for the children to learn where the animals live on a farm.
Barn, hay.
Popsicle sticks, red paint, hay, glue.
Step 1: Description of activity
Step 1: Ask the children if they remember where farm animals live and what building is on a farm.
step 2: explain what will be happening today.
Step 3: ask the children to take out popsicle sticks and glue.
Step 4: Show them a picture of what they will be doing.
Step 5: ask them to try and glue the popsicle sticks together, help when needed.
Step 6: Once stuck together ask them to paint the sticks red.
Step 7: Once dry stick some hay at the bottom of the sticks.
Possible questions to ask:
1. What building do we find on a farm?
2. What do we find in it?
3. Do you want to try and build it?
Step 2: Assessment & reflection
Assessment of children
LO 4:1:2:2 – The children have not done an activity like this before therefor they will be testing their abilities.
LO 4:1:3:1 – it will be a messy activity therefore the children will help clean up after.
LO 4:1:3:3 – it is not an easy activity and the glue will not dry quickly therefore the children will have to try
again if they fail the first time.
Self-Evaluation: Reflect on your practice
What comes next?