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G11 Gr4 Lesson 1

Lesson Plan
Teacher: Gary Hanley
Context/topic of Lesson: Thermal Physics- Latent Heat
Date: 31/01/22
Subject: Physics
Time/period(s): 11:20-12:10 Lesson 5
Grade Group: 11 Group 4
Room No: Science Lab 3
No. of Students Girls: 0
Boys: 5
Prior Learning:
The terminology of latent heat will be a new concept to students in todays lesson. However, they will
have a considerable amount of prior knowledge surrounding thermal physics. In the previous lesson
students investigated the difference between temperature and heat and discussed the characteristics
of thermometers. In grade 9/10 students would have covered thermal energy in the form of phase
change, which is directly linked to content covered in todays lesson.
Lesson Objective:
Develop understanding of specific latent heat
Learning Outcomes / Success criteria:
 Define latent heat and specific latent heat
 Differentiate between evaporation and boiling
 Perform calculations surrounding specific latent heat
Advance Preparation:
Powerpoint presentation
Worksheet with calculation problems
Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learners:
Visual: PowerPoint has been created with
colours that is easy to read from
Auditory: Listening to instruction, peer
Special Needs:
Risk Assessment:
Learner Profile Development:
□ Inquirers
□ Communicators
□ Open-minded
□ Risk-taker
□ Creative thinkers
□ Principled self-managers
□ Caring team member
□ Reflective learners
Differentiation Strategies:
Calculations will be scaffolded to provide challenges
for students of all levels
Questions will be asked throughout the lesson, both
higher and lower order questions will be used
prompting and challenging kids as needed.
Key Vocabulary:
Temperature, thermal energy, latent heat, fusion, vaporisation, evaporation, boiling
Teacher Actions:
10 mins
Teacher will introduce
task to students using
Student Learning:
Students will complete
a short task based on
the previous lesson.
They will summarise
how an unmarked
thermometer can be
calibrated and complete
short calculations on
Assessment of students
prior knowledge
Observation of students
while completing task
and discussion upon
Task 1: 15 mins
Task 2: 10 mins
Teacher will introduce
topic of latent heat with
a discussion
surrounding graph.
Teacher will then
instruct students to
complete research task
Students will contribute
to discussion offering
Students will complete
research task
Students will contribute
Discussion of key
to discussion of key
concepts of lesson using concepts using the
notes on PowerPoint
research task. Students
will make amendments
to notes if anomalies
Observation of students
while completing tasks
Probing higher and
lower order questioning
of students
Questioning of students
while covering content.
Example questions will
be covered
15 mins
Introduce task
calculations on specific
latent heat
Students will complete
a worksheet on
calculations based on
specific latent heat, this
will consolidate learning
from the lesson
Observation of students
while completing task
and discussing method
and answers with them
Home Learning Opportunities: Reading task has been set on kognity (online textbook) for students to
further their knowledge on the topic.