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Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co., Ltd. electronic energy meter

Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co.,Ltd.
240V STS prepayment Smart Meter with PLC IHD
It is a Smart STS Single-phase meter system,with RS485,RF,LoRa,PLC
optional communication.Be able to measure in STS mode,currency
mode,and post-paid(traditional)mode.Meter connects with In
Home Display (IHD) for user reading and operation.Data will be sent
to master station via DCU for management.Through meter keypad,
IHD keypad and Master station software, users and administrators
can operate the recharging.
Support load ground connection,switch detection,influence of
external magnetic field,abnormalvoltage record.
Divide into weekday timetable and weekend timetable,with 8 time
period and 8 tariffs.Every timetable has a backup table for remote
updating of backup timetable and configure the switching
time.Meter will automatically switch the tariff table at the switching
Meter support IR,RS485/LoRa,baud-rate:9600/PLC,baud-rate:4800.
Open cover,magnetic field,load ground connection,reserve current,
remaining power,and token record.
Meter measures voltage,current,active power,reactive
power,frequency,power factor,MD in the current month,MD of last
1 month,MD of last 2 month,the absolute value of total active
energy,the absolute value of total active tariff energy,total input
energy of the current month,total input energy of last 5 month,
total output energy of the current month,total output energy of last
5 month, and total reactive energy.2
Meter has 3 operation modes: STS token mode,currency prepaid
mode and post-paid (traditional) mode, which can be switched.
And the currency mode can be divided into tariff mode and step
price mode. Modes can be configured through communication.
STS operation
Enter 20-digit token via keypad of meter or IHD, the meter display
will be green Pic 1 if recharging is successful, will be red Pic 2 if is
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