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NCON Turbines - Top Turbine
Manufacturing Companies in India
About us:
NCON Turbine manufacturing company was founded in 1987 and Owing to
several advantages with us including increased efficiency, implementation of
strict carbon emission regulations, and cost reduction offered by the usage of
these turbines, the turbine demand is expected to grow further over the next
few years.
As a leading Low-pressure and Back pressure steam turbine manufacturer,
NCON Turbo Tech has been serving as India's premier manufacturers & suppliers
of Steam Turbines. The company for over 30 years has been manufacturing
world class Steam Turbine.
Why Us?
For more than three decades, NCON Back & Low-Pressure
Steam Turbine manufacturers has been manufacturing and
supplying Low Pressure, Saturated, Small turbines and more
such steam turbine solutions to its global customers. With a
fleet of over 250 units of steam turbines installed in just 5
years, NCON Back & Low-Pressure Steam Turbine
manufacturers has set a new benchmark in quality and
innovation generating over 20,000KW. Call Now>>
Products and Service Offered:
Steam Turbines Are Available at NCON turbine manufacturers in India.
Low-cost Steam Turbine (LST)
Single-Stage Steam Turbine
Multi-Stage Steam Turbine
Spares & Services
Power Generation Calculator
Cost Savings Calculation
Power Generation Calculator:
As a general rule, the power output of a Steam Turbine Power Plant increases with
an increase in:
1. Inlet Pressure
2. Inlet Temperature
3. Steam Flow Rate
Since the Steam Flow Rate is usually fixed by your factory’s requirement, it is
recommended to opt for a Boiler that produces steam at a higher pressure and
temperature (by superheating) than what is strictly necessary for your factory's
Although the fuel cost for running this Boiler will increase marginally, the cost
savings by way of electricity generation from your Steam Turbine Power Plant will
far outweigh the higher operating cost in most cases.
As one of the leading Steam Turbine suppliers, we are constantly improving our
products’ efficiencies to maximize power generation.
Although only the Steam Turbine manufacturers themselves can accurately assess
your power generation potential, accessing the Power Generation Calculator below
can help you make an approximate determination.
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