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Perfect creation was laid unto us without questions. God, in His days of creation,
perfectly organized everything for us. He offered food for us to eat, water for us to drink
and sun as our main source of energy for us to have the ability to do things. He set all of
these for free, remember for free! He only needs one thing from us─ to multiply and
become the steward of His creation.
Truly, human race had increased rapidly through these days. In fact, 2014 population
had blown up to 7 billion people. This rapid population growth surely calls for a greater
demand on food, water and energy resources. Economically speaking, the greater the
demand, the lesser the resources become and the higher the price turns out to be.
Our world is unquestionably magnificent for out of the nine existing planets in our
solar system only planet earth can support the existence of life. About 71 % of the earth's
surface is covered with water and 97.2 % of it is in the global ocean, 2. 15 % is
constituted by the ice sheets and glaciers and the remaining 0.65 % are to be divided in
lakes, streams, ground waters and in the atmosphere. To sum it up, only 3 % of this
water distribution goes for our consumption. Though water keeps on recycling itself
through the hydrologic cycle, we could still experience water deficiency. Before, clean
and drinking water is found in the streams, springs, lakes and wells for free but today, it
is already in the big malls and small stores that are free no more.
The world is persistently facing environmental problems ̶ increase of greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere, too much energy consumption, loss of trees in the forests and
climate change are just few to mention. These issues further resulted to economic issues
around the world. Furthermore, these paradigm shifts greatly affect the accessibility,
quality and water distribution amongst us. Let these issues be our wake up call for a
better living toward a clean and sufficient water movement.
A man may live a month without food but days without water is of no meaning at all.
As today’s youth and tomorrow’s leader, we should take a move and make a stand to
address the worlds needs to be properly informed and be totally transformed to have an
Environmental-friendly society.