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Topic 16: Global climate is changing. There are more and more serious
typhoons, storms, earthquakes, giant waves... What do you think are the
causes of this? Suggest some possible solutions.
Probably one of the most dangerous threats to the planet at the present is
global climate change, which results in more and more serious natural
disasters, namely hurricanes, tornadoes or volcanic eruptions. The essay will
identify some primary reasons for the phenomena before suggesting some
possible measures.
There are a number of reasons why the earth’s climate is getting worse than
ever before. The first reason is the levels of greenhouse gases released from
power plants to the air are rising at alarming rates. This leads to an increasing
concentration of carbon dioxide in the tmosphere, acting as a roof of a
greenhouse, trapping heat and causing climate change. Another reason for
rising global temperatures is deforestation. It is widely known that trees help
absorb carbon dioxide in the air and thus reduce climate change. However,
with large areas of forests being cut down for different purposes, carbon
dioxide and other heat-trapping gases will continue to rise, contributing to
global climate change.
various measures could be implemented to tackle the problem of global
climate change. Firstly, it is necessary for the governments to encourage
power stations and plants to use more environment-friendly energy sources
such as nuclear or renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Secondly, stricter
punishments should be imposed for illegal logging and forest clearance to
make sure that forests are properly managed and protected. As for
individuals, they can help mitigate climate change by planting more trees in
our gardens or taking part in environmental protection campaigns such as
community planting. Finally, small things like buying energy efficient light
bulbs, turning off electricity when not using, and throwing trash in the right
place can be helpful. By taking these actions, this problem would be properly
In conclusion, there are various factors leading to global climate change and
steps need to be taken to address this serious issue. It is essential that each
individual should be aware of the negative effects of climate change and join
hands with the governments to save our environment.
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