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A:Welcome to the sport days podcast with me , Barry Stevenson. I got a very special guest in
the studio today, her name, Andrea Mari, she is the number one teenager player. Hello,
Adrea, welcom to the show.
B: Hi, Barry, it’s good to be here, I always listen to your show.
A: That’s good to here, so, Andrea. Our listener want to know about your family
B: Well, Barry, my family is sporty, My mother, Sandra, batminton and go sailing. My father,
Tony, player of rugby for life go tea
A: Do you have any brothers and sisters, Andrea ?
B: Yes, I do. I have a brother and v sister
A: Do they like sports ?
B: My brother, Dan, go snowboarding and skating, and v sister, Amy plays volleyball.
A: What’s a fit family, our listener want to know about your routines
B: I’m often very busy and I never get up late, I always play tennis at 2 hours before school, I
like to play it all week, but I have to study
A: What’s time do you get up there?
B: I often get up at 5 o’clock
A: 5 o’clock?
B: Yes, I get up at 5 o’clock from Monday to Friday, and I get up at 6 o’clock at the weekend
A: Do you play tennis at the weekend?
B: Yes, I do, on Saturday, I usually cycle v after breadfast and I play tennis all day. On
Sunday, I do homework in the morning and I usually play tennis in the afternoon, practice is
very important
A: Are you always very tired, Andrea?
B: Yes, I sometimes very tired, but I love playing tennis, Pari. I want to be v best tennis
player in the world, I love to ….
A: What do you do in your free time?
B: Sleep, but I love moving, I go to the cinema with my friends, too
A: Well, thanks for coming in today Andrea, good luck with your next competition
B: Thanks Pari