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Thiele’s Tube
The boiling point of a liquid can be determined using this thiele tube apparatus. It is a glass tube, with
specially designed sidearm/ that is filled with high boiling oil/ to a level,
just above the top join, of the sidearm.
When the oil in the side arm is heated, using a Bunsen burner, convection current are produce that
maintain a uniform temperature in the entire volume of the oil. To be specific paraffin oil is used in this
Paraffin oil
Paraffin oil is used for determination
boiling and melting point
the following reasons:
It has a very high boiling point and so, it can be used to maintain high temperatures in the boiling and
melting point apparatus, without loss of the substance.
Next is Fusion tube
Fusion tube is a thin tube which is often used in knowing the melting and boiling point of substance, in
which a small amount of a sample is heated excessively. And please Be careful in using this fusion tube,
it may crack because of applying excessive heat.
Another material used is
Stand / support stand
When carrying out experiments, it is vital that all apparatus, is held in place securely during the
procedure. It is essential that you know how to assemble a supporting and securing equipment to the
highest possible standards of safety.
Please be reminded to use proper attire while conducting the experiment to avoid injury.
When using a Thiele tube, remember that it contains hot oil, which can be dangerous if caution is not
Bunsen burner