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I never dream of having expensive things

I never dream of having expensive things. I don’t really pay much attention with the things I have
especially with the latest fads and trends. Never did I foresee myself with lavish lifestyle, as long as I am
happy and able to do what I want my life is already perfect, although there is no life that is perfect but
for me that is what life is and I know I can surpass those trials because I have my genuine happiness that
always lightened my day with my smile that is contagion.
But if you are going to ask me about the two expensive things I would like to buy I guess it would be the
golden ticket that enables me to travel unlimitedly and a gold bar. Since I was a young child I always love
to travel, as the year increases my dream to travel also widens. At my age now I really wanted to travel
around the globe go to every corner of the world and experience every weather of the world. I am also
curios what a gold bar look like, how much it weighs, and how big it is, I am really curious. In which my
curiosity leads me dreaming to have one someday, only if the nature allows me to.