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Automation Anywhere Advanced-RPA-Professional
Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA
Professional (V11)
Automation Anywhere Advanced-RPA-Professional
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Question 1
Which of the following String operation sub-commands is used to get number of characters in
a given source string?
A. Length
B. Before/After
C. Find
D. Count
Answer: A
Question 2
A bot assigned to a queue to service work items has malfunctioned and needs to be repaired.
The time to correct has been estimated at three days. Meanwhile the queue has 5000 work items
that need to be processed.
What should the queue administrator do to allow human users to process the work items in an
efficient manner?
A. Export work items to CSV and distribute to the human work force
B. Notify the business owner that the queue is out of service for three days
C. Create a custom role, assign the human workforce to the role, then add the role as a consumer
Automation Anywhere Advanced-RPA-Professional
the queue
D. Assign the human users to a role registered as a participant of the queue
Answer: A
Question 3
In AA, which feature can be used to compare, find, split, and join string variables?
A. Keystroke
B. String Operation
C. Object Cloning
D. Variable Operation
Answer: B
Question 4
A project leader has recently installed Automation Anywhere Enterprise with administration
rights and is now allocating user licenses to the team. While doing so, the project leader is
encountering error and not able to allocate license. What are two possible reasons, out of the below
stated reasons, why the project leader is facing this issue? (Choose two.)
A. The project leader is allocating bot creator license to a user AAE_Basic role
B. The project leader is using licenses that are invalid or expired
C. The project leader is allocating an Unattended Bot runner Device license to a user with Runtime
D. The project leader is allocating a developer license to a person with AAE_Admin role
Answer: A, B
Question 5
A control room administrator wants to create users and have them create their own
Automation Anywhere Advanced-RPA-Professional
passwords. Which is the best way to do this within a control room environment?
A. Enable email notifications in the Control Room Settings
B. Create a bot that uses the user Administration API to create a random password
C. Enable Domain integration to manage credentials in Active Directory
D. Create the user with a standard password and have them change it upon first login into the
Answer: D
Question 6
An Automation Anywhere administrator has received a notification that the latest version of
AAE is available, What is the first step the administrator would take in installing the newest version?
A. Ensure all outstanding work items are processed
B. Ensure all Bot Devices are disconnected
C. Ensure all outstanding work items are active
D. Ensure all Bot Devices are online and connected
Answer: A
Question 7
Which of the following system variables are associated with Arrays?
A. arrayColumns
B. arrayRows
C. arrayElements
D. arraySize
Answer: A, B
Question 8
What does a counter variable always start with?
Automation Anywhere Advanced-RPA-Professional
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. -1
Answer: B
Question 9
A developer has made a change to an Automation Anywhere TaskBot using the Enterprise
Client interface.
When running the bot from the Control Room, the developer is surprised to see the previous version
of the TaskBot. What must be done to overcome the issue?
A. Upload the TaskBot again
B. Compile the TaskBot again
C. Copy the TaskBot from the Client device to the Control Room server
D. Modify the Control Room automation to use the updated TaskBot
Answer: C
Question 10
What is an accurate statement about the Object Cloning command?
A. It works with the screen coordinates to capture the information from a specified area
B. It is capable of capturing web as well as window objects and controls such as text from drop
C. It works with the web-based objects to extract information
D. It is capable of extracting information from a CSV/TEXT file without opening it
Answer: B
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