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RoadRunner™ MRH

RoadRunner™ MRH
Mobile Digital Video Recording System
The rugged and reliable RoadRunner™ MRH system delivers the highest
quality video and optimal network performance. Recording up to 16 cameras and
maintaining months of onboard storage, the RoadRunner system provides the most
user-friendly, state-of-the-art video surveillance solution for any mobile application.
RsM (RoadRunner
Secure Management)
Utilizing the most advanced compression
The RoadRunner system is available in
Video clips are watermarked and encrypted
Designed and manufactured specifically
The iSM (interactive Speed and Mapping)
methods, the RoadRunner system delivers
several compatible and interchangeable
to ensure video is authentic and feature
for transit and rail applications, the
Interface displays historical route location
industry-leading recording rates up to 480
formats for recording up to 4, 8, 12 or
optional password protection to restrict
RoadRunner DVR is Mil-Spec and SAE
and speed graph data. Select a location or
images per second, longer recording
16 cameras - supporting complete fleets of
viewing access. Software functions are
rated for proven durability and reliability in
speed to instantly view video playback
durations and exceptional high resolution
all vehicle types.
password protected with access rights for
harsh mobile environments.
with synchronized vehicle data.
video quality.
up to 64 groups and 256 users.
Seamless administration, remote
viewing and playback of RoadRunner
Recorders and DVRs.
Fleet-Wide Administration:
• Fleet-wide system updates and programming
• Health reports and email notification for events,
failures, hard drive status, camera obstruction
and more
• Easily export configuration information for use
with other machines and/or remote sites
RoadRunner™ MRH Mobile Digital Video Recording System
• Compatible with the latest RoadRunner DVRs
for fleet-wide compatibility and easy
Optimized for security and evidentiary use,
Standard Features:
Designed specifically for use in mass
transit and rail applications, the
steel-constructed MRH series digital
video recorder (DVR) is Mil-Spec and
SAE rated for proven durability and
reliability in harsh mobile environments.
The RoadRunner system is
easy-to-use, records up to 16 channels
of superior video quality and delivers
years of reliable service with the lowest
cost of ownership.
• 16, 12, 8 or 4 camera models
• High quality recording up to 704x480 adjustable for each camera
• Recording rates up to 480 images per
second (ips) system-wide
• Months of on-board recording - removable
storage up to 6.0TB
• Mil-Spec and SAE rated for shock
and vibration
• H.264 compression for industry-leading
recording speed and longer recording
• Easily upgradable and expandable
with accessories
• Integrated event switch with “heartbeat”
video clips are easily transferred to third
• Wireless-ready for use with any TCP/IP
parties in a secure, encrypted format that
includes an embedded player - no
based network
proprietary software or downloads are
• License-Free RsM™ (RoadRunner Secure
required for viewing.
Management) Software included for
easy remote viewing, playback
and administration
• Video is encrypted to ensure authenticity
• Fully compatible with ViM (Vehicle
Information Management) Software for
fleet-wide management, advanced chain
of custody reporting, health monitoring
Interface provides easy searching with
optional GPS receiver
health indicator
from virtually any location
• Simultaneously transmit live and playback
video from hundreds of video sources
• Call-back feature provides live images to a
central location during emergency events
• Search by time and date or use the advanced
Surface Mount Microphone | RR-M2i
17” Display | RR-DLCDP1
7” Display Kit | RR-DMPLCD
Removable Hard Disk Drive | RR-MRH****HD
(1.0TB - 6.0TB)
Removable Solid-State Drive | RR-MRH****SD
(1.0TB - 2.0TB)
tools for easy searching using the interactive
calendar, event, location and/or vehicle speed
• Location-based search tools feature historical
map location and speed data
Secure Video Clips:
• Create secure, tamper-proof video clips with
optional password-protection to restrict
viewing access
• Archived video clips are encrypted and include
and more
• The interactive Speed and Mapping (iSM)
• View multiple vehicles and sites simultaneously
User-Friendly Search Tools:
RoadRunner DVR Accessories
GPS Kit: Receiver & iSM Interface | RR-GPS
3-Axis Accelerometer | RR-VA1
Uninterruptible Power Supply | RR-UPS-S
Recorder Heater | RR-EHMRH
Environmental Protective Enclosure | RR-ENV
niiu (Network Intelligent Interface Unit) | AVT-NIIU
Hard Drive Adapter | RR-MRHHDA
Video Switcher | RR-S2C
Remote Viewing:
an embedded player - no downloads or
RoadRunner™ Mobile
Remotely access live and recorded video from
any Wi-Fi or cellular networked RoadRunner
DVR, with an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod® Touch1.
Ideal for portable monitoring and maintenance
of video camera systems on transit buses,
trains and light rail vehicles.
*Available for purchase on the App Store2
software required for viewing
• All functions are password protected with
adjustable access-rights for up to 256 users
and 64 groups
• Auto-Connect and “Favorites” features provide
instant access to most frequently viewed sites
• Adjustable display and multi-screen support
provides customizable viewing panes
The RoadRunner system features several high quality interior and exterior camera options
• No additional charge
designed for maximum video coverage for all vehicle types. All systems are fully compatible,
• License-free for unlimited users
• Lifetime updates at no additional charge
interchangeable and utilize the same software - regardless of the number of cameras supported,
providing an ideal fleet-wide solution for fleets of all vehicle types.
iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
System Diagram
ViM | Vehicle Information Management Software
Increase Accessibility
Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs
Improve Efficiency
Mitigate Risk and Liability
Remote Access
(Live, Playback & Admin)
802.11; LAN/WAN; Cellular
Fleet-Wide Access & Management
RoadRunner MRH
ViM Server
Removable Drive
Live Video
Playback &
Onboard Programming,
Viewing & Archiving
Anti-Terrorism Technology:
RoadRunner HD, RoadRunner MRH and
ViM Software has been designated as
qualified anti-terrorism technology by the
Department of Homeland Security.
Interior Cameras
Forward-Facing Camera | RR-CF1
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• Vandal-Resistant
• Fully Adjustable Mount
• Varifocal Lens
Forward-Facing Dome Camera | RR-CTF100
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• Vandal-Resistant
• IP66 Outdoor Rated
Exterior Cameras
Wedge Camera | RR-CW1
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• Vandal-Resistant
• Varifocal Lens
• IP66 Outdoor Rated
Mini Tapered Dome | RR-CTM
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• Vandal-Resistant
• IP66 Outdoor Rated
Tapered Dome | RR-CT
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• Vandal-Resistant
• IP66 Outdoor Rated
Tapered Dome | RR-CTIRA
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• IR Illumination - Day/Night Operation
• Vandal-Resistant
• Built-In Microphone
Mini Tapered Dome | RR-CTMIRA
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• IR Illumination - Day/Night Operation
• Vandal-Resistant
• Built-In Microphone
Square IR | RR-C2 & RR-CIR2
• High Resolution, 700 TV Lines
• IR Illumination - Day/Night Operation
(CIR version)
• Built-In Microphone
• Optional Vandal-Resistant Enclosure
and/or Mount
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RoadRunner™ MRH
Features and Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice