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The Scientific Method WS

The Scientific Method
Designing an experiment
Activity Worksheet
One morning you have a bowl of rice Chex with 2% milk and a large glass of carrot juice. That
day, you play the best game you have ever played….you are focused, energetic, light on your
feet, fast….
What happened? You want to figure out if your diet that morning has anything to do with your
amazing performance. You are going to recreate these conditions with some modifications to
test hypotheses.
Formulate several hypotheses:
1) Having rice Chex that morning increased my performance (example)
2) ____________________________________________
3) ____________________________________________
4) ____________________________________________
Design an experiment:
1) Design a way to measure your performance (responding variable)
2) Design several different “treatments” in this case diets to test (manipulated variable)
Record your Data in a table (make up some plausible data):
Graph your Results:
Draw your own conclusion.
Collaboration and Communication with other scientists:
When scientists collaborate and communicate with other scientists they increase the likelihood
of a successful outcome. Compare your results with other students and draw additional