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Popular Literature Subject
Guest Talk with Rachel Witwer Resume
by Christa Doaly (20401007)
English Literature Student (Sem 3)
In the last guest talk on September 18th , we talked about the film industry. What
things must be prepared, whether the budget and the crew, those two things are
very important. There is also a stage of filmmaking Preproduction, Production and
Postproduction. With so many things to prepare, of course making a film is not
easy. So that means, it takes effort and also money.
In relation to Popular Literature , there's a lot of preparation in making a film. Well
of course, before making a film, there must be a story idea and storyline. The
example there are so many films that take the story from a popular literature or
commonly used is story from novel. For example, popular literature made into
films is Romeo and Juliet. So, the relation between the guest talk topic "behind the
big screen: Film Industry" and popular literature lies in the story selection of the