SPEECH 3 Prompts after viewing Do You Speak American Up North

Speech 3
Your name:__________________________
Date due: January 31, 2014 by 8:50am. NO exceptions
Assignment for “Do You Speak American: Up North”
This episode may be viewed free at: http://www.ovguide.com/tv/do_you_speak_american.htm
Please answer the following prompts for credit for class on January 24, 2014. Extra
credit may be given based on superior answers or outside study and analysis.
Likewise, answers which are lacking in grammar, appropriate spelling or sentence
construction will receive NO credit.
1. Where is the “global capital” of US language?
2. Our film talks about “descriptivist” and “prescriptivist.” Describe each term
and give an example of each term from the film.
3. What are the specific terms for the way we write ___________________ and the
way we speak?______________________________
4. Give an example from the film of “linguistic profiling” and share your feelings
about that, including any personal experiences you may have had.
Credit for January 24, 2014: _____Yes____No.
Extra Credit:______10 points possible.