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Q1. Core Values
I have always believed in following 5 core values which include passion to one’s work and commitment, integrity:
whatever things we do should be done with full integrity without the misuse of power, and loyalty: always strive to
stay loyal and develop social connections to those who have helped you and have been a part of your journey.,
also continuous learning
Core Purpose
The core purpose of my life is to be capable enough to support my parent’s wishes and be able to give them a
better life which they have always strived for.
Vision: My vision in life to be a person who leads by examples and bring out and work towards innovating which
could be useful for the masses and the humanity, in whatever field or domain I may be in the future
5 year goals:
My short term goals include to gain technical and managerial skills and work for a IT consulting firm. Once, sufficient
expertise is achieved, I aspire to become specialized in the field and lead as an independent director.