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There is a new Jazz band director and his name is Mr. Grant. He is a very nice guy and is very into the
tuba, that is the instrument he currently plays. He helps us a lot and we get a lot done in a small
amount of time.
We are playing a piece called Fly Me to the Moon and it is a love song and in the lyrics it says “in other
words, I love you” and in another lyric it says “in other words please be true” and these go together
because it is saying that the person loves and wants to stay with this other person.
Good morning Tigers! Today we're going to be talking about basketball.
Yesterday, the Tigers took on the win last night over Park Red.The 7th grades won their first
game leading a score of 34 - 25. All the players played really well. 8th graders dominated leading a
score of 42-21. All players did amazing.
So now let’s hear from Coach Alvarez.
“The 8th graders did really well and I’m looking forward to this year” Coach A said.
He’s been coaching for 19 years and he likes to coach basketball because he feels like it's
discipline and fun and a good way to stay in shape.Also he played when he was in high school.
Coach Alvarez is looking for a good year for the 8th graders. He wants them to execute their
plays really well. Overall the Gurrie basketball team has started off really good the 7th graders
going on 2-1 and the 8th graders going 3-0.
Soccer Interview Garcia Aldair
For sports we are going to get an inside view on what the players think today we are going to
interview gurries own Allen, We will be talking about the soccer season this year and last year first
question: What is your favorite position to play? “Favorite position was striker because I have a nice shot so
I would pass a lot and score a lot.” Interesting! Next question, does your team practice to make sure you
come out ready to play? “We practiced dribbling the ball and passing it and also shooting penalties and free
kicks we also scrimmaged the other team sometimes.”
Question three what is the worst injury you have seen on the field? “I didn’t see in injury but I heard
someone on the blue team broke their arm.” Question four what is the best play you have ever made on the
field last year? “My best play was when we went up against Madison and we were losing 1-2 so I got the
ball in midfield and just ran through everyone to tap it in their goal.” Last question for you who would you
say in your opinion is the best player on the team? “ The best on the soccer team was probably me and my
brother, emilio and eric we were all good friends and we played well together.” Thank you Allen for the
exclusive interview!