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4. Teacher Language

Assignment A – Teacher Language
This part of the assignment is set to enable us to assess your language grading, eliciting and
concept checking.
You must show:
a) The language you would use for presenting 3 of your selected vocabulary items that could
not be explained using only pictures.
b) the instructions you would give for one of your two reading tasks.
Present what you would say in dialogue form to include some expected student responses.
Give word for word the language you could use for:
A) Presenting 3 of your selected vocabulary items which would need to be concept checked.
Show how you would elicit, explain, concept check and teach the pronunciation of each of the
three items. Each item should be approximately the same length as the example given.
T = Teacher S= Student C=Class
T- Does anyone know a word that means to have two choices?
S1- options?
T- That is very good , you can have two options. However, the word I am thinking of is different. If you have
two roads but, one road is closed and the other road is open, which will still take you to the same place,
what word can you use to describe these choices?
S2- Alternative?
T- Very good. Can everyone repeat after me , ALTERNATIVE.
T- How many syllables does Alternative have?
S3- 4
T- Which is the stress syllable?
CONCEPT CHECK : target sentence – “ Look! There is an alternative circus in town.”
1. Is it happening now? (yes)
2. Is this past, present, or future tense? (present)
3. Can you see it? (yes)
4. Does an alternative circus have any acts with animals? (no)
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T = Teacher S= Student C= Class
T- If there were 100 dogs and 25 cats, which is the majority?
S1- The dogs.
T- If there were 5 females and 1 male, which is the majority?
S3- Females.
T- Very good thus far, so can someone tell me a word used to describe a smaller group of things/people?
S2- Minor?
T- That is very close , good job. The word I am looking for is different, it describes a number of something,
for example a group of people. If there were two groups, the first group is big and the second group is small,
what would the group that is smaller be called?
S1- Minority?
T- That is it! Well done. Now class, please repeat after me : MINORITY.
T- Can anyone tell me how many vowels the word minority has?
S2- 4
T- Can someone tell me what the stress syllable is?
CONCEPT CHECK : target sentence – “Mr Green has 75% of the community voting for him and Mr Red only has 25%.”
1. Is Mr Green the community leader? (yes)
2. Does Mr Red have majority of the vote? (no , he has the minority.)
3. Is this past, present , or future tense? (present)
T = Teacher S= Student C= Class
T- Can anyone tell me what season happens in the month of December on the southern hemisphere?
S1- Winter.
T- That is correct if you are talking about the Northern Hemisphere. If we were in the Southern Hemisphere,
what season would it be?
S2- Is it Summer?
T- Very good! It is the season of summer. Can anyone tell me which day tells you it is the beginning of
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S4- Summer solstice?
T- That is it! Well done. So, what can you tell me about the Summer Solstice?
S3- It marks the beginning of Summer.
T- That is true, but is it the shortest or longest day of the year?
S1- Longest day.
T-That is correct. Can everyone repeat after me ‘Summer Solstice.’
T- How many syllables are there in the word? Dexter?
Dexter- 4.
T- How many vowels are there altogether?
S5- 5.
CONCEPT CHECK : target sentence – “ Kyle, today is the beginning of Summer! Its also known as the Summer
1. Is it the longest day of the year? (yes)
2. Is Kyle excited about the season of Summer? (yes)
3. Is this past, present, or future tense? (present)
B) Instructions for ONE of your planned reading comprehension tasks, either the 1st (skimming
and/or scanning task), or the 2nd (detailed comprehension task).
2nd Reading activity.
Okay, class, please may you pay close attention to what you are going to do in the next activity. You
will be grouped in pairs of 3 again, and in this activity, I have set a total of nine questions based on
the text you have just read. Now class, please do not begin reading and answering until I have told
you to begin, you have a copy of the reading text that I have given to you all at the beginning of the
lesson. When I ask you to start, you should read the questions and then read the text keeping in
mind what is being asked, so you have an idea of what you are to look for. Once the group has
answered questions 1-6, one member from the group will give me your answers. Question 7 and 8 is
based on your own opinions, so you will answer that on your own. For the first 6 questions, the
group with the most answers correct will be the winner of today’s activity. The order of the
questions that has been given are all different, so there will be no cheating or copying. Are we all
clear? (YES) Then, shall we begin!
Good Luck to you all! And remember, it is not a race to see who finishes first but there is a time
limit. The group with the most answers correct will be the winner, so please make sure you answer
the question to the best of your ability.
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Q- What was the circus called and why was it strange?
A- Anarkurkus , it was strange because there were no animals or any of the usual
circus acts , just humans performing.
Q- How did Summer Avery’s parents meet?
A- They met at a festival where they were both arrested.
Q- Why was she called Summer?
A- She was born on the day of the summer solstice in 1986.
Q- What did the travellers do when the police broke up the festival?
A- The travellers regrouped and planned more festivals.
Q- Why was the 1980s a time of great change in the UK?
A- Big industries were closing down and people from communities were losing their jobs and
their hope. In other places, new enterprises were starting up and some people were getting
very rich very quickly.
Q- Why was Lucy called a rebellious girl?
A- She did not do what her parents expected her to do , she did not get an important job or go to
the universities they expected her to go to.
Q- Did Summer Avery’s family history the influence her career choices in life , if yes/no , why do
you think so? ( based on personal opinion) – my response.
A- (if yes) her family history taught her to be different , and not to accept what society tells us
is normal. She had learned a lot from traveling with her parents, the festivals, and political
demonstrations and what it is like being an outsider. This made her who she was and
inspired her path in life.
A- (if no) her family did play an important role in her life, but she did not have a relationship
with her grandparents and barely got to see them. She had missed out on important
memories with them and as a child growing up , you do need other guidance besides your
parents because you only see things from their perspective. She was influenced towards the
end to accept a conventional life and chose her path through that.
Q- What moral lesson can you learn from this article? (based on personal opinion) – my response.
A- Honour your family , you do not know how much time you have on this earth.
B- Your past plays a vital role in your life, but you can choose your own path no matter the
C- Respect the minority and be fair to all people.
D- Your past influences the way you see the world around you.
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