Using multiplication to help solve word problems!

Using multiplication to
help solve word
Sometimes we get maths questions given to
us that are word problems. That means
that it is actually written in words instead
of numbers. However, word problems can
be worked out using number sentences…
we just have to decide what those number
sentences are first.
Here is an example:
What number when multiplied
by 5 gives an answer of 45?
What are the ‘key’ words in this?
What are the important bits of information?
How can you write this as a number sentence?
? X 5 = 45
7 x 5 = 45
Did you use an inverse
operation to work this out?
How many straws are needed
to make 5 squares?
How many legs do six
octopuses have?
Six children can sit at
a table. How many
tables are needed to
seat 42 children?