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The Local Government Units Strategy of Covid-19 and Peoples Cooperation
among selected Barangays of Zamboanga del Sur
The current society faced an unpredictable ends of alarming Covid-19
pandemic. Different LGU units are performing different roles. Some units
are monitoring the records of patients and deaths within the LGU, some are
sourcing food and water supply for relief, some are in charge with
facilitating the actual distribution of relief packages, while others are
working with other entities, such as the national government, the private
sector, or with community volunteers. All these multiple activities performed
by the LGU would require a coordinated communication strategy so that
these efforts are aligned and complementary to each other.
Effective LGU response requires a communication plan and strategy with
clear goals, including how to disseminate accurate information, which the
public needs for making important decisions, helping build trust in health
institutions, and ensuring transparency (Henry, 2018).