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T 009a281c-5d18-4406-a6a4-dbde3ba645deGr.7 Science HW 2.1 Elements and compounds 21

Worksheet – 2.1
Name of the Student:
Subject: MYP Science
Year: MYP Year 2
Elements ,compounds and mixtures
Atoms, elements and periodic table
Key concept.pdf
Key Concept
Form, Condition, Transfer
Related Concepts
Gobal Context.pdf
Global Context
Statement of
Scientific and technical innovation Possible explorationSystems, models, methods; products, processes and solutions
The condition of a system influences the form and transfer of
matter which helps humans to explore the natural world.
Statement of Inquiry
ATL category: Thinking skills
ATL cluster- Critical thinking skills
ATL category
ATL Category, Cluster, Strand
ATL category: Self Management
ATL cluster: Affective Skills
Assessment Criteria
Criterion A
Learning Objective
Students develop scientific knowledge (facts, ideas, concepts, processes,
laws, principles, models and theories)
Task Clarification
Apply your understanding to assess your knowledge about atoms,
Label, Apply
Command Term.pdf
Command Term - Explanation
TASK A: Label the parts and fill up the missing word
TASK B: Apply your knowledge and take up the atomic Math challenge. You can refer
to the periodic table given
Note: # = Number
TASK C :Fun Task
We have used the symbols of elements to make some words, you have to find the atomic number of
the elements and write beside it (first one is done for you).Use the periodic table given.
TASK D: Colour the periodic table as per the code
Code: Metals –Yellow, Non-metals-Green, Metalloids –Blue
You can stick the table in your science class work after colouring.