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6th grade-reference station activities

1. Inside me you’ll find former presidents, kings and
queens, and other famous people.
You’ll find cities, states,
countries, and continents.
You can even find
information on religions,
baseball, bears, and
bicycles. WHAT AM I?
2. Inside me you’ll find a
multitude of words, and right
beside those words, you’ll find
more words that mean the same.
You can even find words that are
opposite. WHAT AM I?
3. Open me up. Inside me
you’ll see not only a countless
number of words; you’ll see
what they mean, their part of
speech, other forms of the
word, and where they
originated. That’s the
etymology. WHAT AM I?
4. I’ve been known as the #1New York Times Best
Seller. You’ll find a
wealth of information in
me from the Wealthiest
Americans to Common
Infectious Diseases; from
Planets and the Solar
System to the Bill of
Rights; and from Gods
and Goddesses in Egypt to the Olympic Games.
5. I’m very interesting to
look in because inside me
you’ll see maps of the world.
You’ll also find country’s
flags, capitals, populations,
languages, and monetary
units. WHAT AM I?
Your answers
This activity is for WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME? (scenarios cut in strips)
My cousin Erika lives in Chicago. She called me last night to tell me she
hasn’t been to school all week because of the teachers’ strike. She says
the teachers are not coming to work because they feel their pay is unfair
and the new evaluations for their performance based on their students’
achievement is unjust. I want to find out more information about the strike.
Where can I find it?
In my World Geography class, Mrs. Butler assigned the class country
reports. I choose the country of Argentina. I have to draw a map and the
country’s flag, and include important facts about the country like its
capital, and population. Where can I find it?
My grandma bought me a beautiful emerald bracelet for my birthday. She
told me that it was a precious gem and that it is a stone of prosperity and
riches. It also encourages spiritual growth, intelligence, and joy. I want to
find out more information about gemstones. Where can I find it?
I’m revising my narrative for English class. Mrs. Tucker told me I used the
same words over and over again, and I need to add some new and fresh
vocabulary. Where can I find it?
I’m flying to Ethiopia in the spring with my church missions group. We’ll be
traveling by caravan to and from the cities where the villages are located.
We’re scheduled to visit the Ethiopians in Asosa, Jima, and Awasa. I want
to see how many miles the cities are apart. Where can I find it?
1. Find the capital for the country of Italy.
2. Find the languages that are spoken in
3. Find the population of Morocco.
4. Find the Table of Contents. Name two
countries in South America.
If you could live anywhere in the United
States, what country would you want to live
in? Why?
1. Find a synonym for the word “scramble”.
2. Find two antonyms for the word “peace”.
3. Find the guide words for the word “linger”.
If you had to rename yourself with a word, what
would your name be? Why?
1. Find Frederick Douglas. Who was he?
2. Find two reasons why people dance.
3. Find daddy longlegs. Who are they related to?
Tell one way they’re alike and one way they’re
different from their cousin.
4. Find what a dental hygienist does.
If you could have one of the following pets: deer,
a dinosaur, or a dolphin, which would you choose?
1. Find the Table of Contents. Name two
categories included on this page.
2. Find Education (listed under Consumer Information).
Name the states that had the highest graduation
rate in 2006-07. What rank was the state of
3. Find Health & V.I. What is a healthy weight
range for someone who is 5’3”?
If you could meet anyone in the world, who would
you want to meet: Vera Wang, Bob Costas, or
Benjamin Banneker?
1. Find www.funbrain.com. Name two games on
the homepage.
2. Find www.factmonster.com. What does the
holiday “Juneteenth” celebrate?
3. Find www.nationalgeographic.com. Find an
animal and list two interesting facts about it.
If you created a website, what would your
website be? What information would you include
on your site?