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Infosheet 3

Info Sheet 3
Analytical Workflow
-this area will be used to model structure using analytical elements. (node per node)
Physical workflow
- you can model structural elements as they will be physically constructed, allowing you to model
elements such as girders, multi-story columns, and slabs/walls quickly and accurately.
(STAAD.Pro V8i includes an Analytical Modeling Workflow only).
The user communicates with STAAD.Pro Connect Edition through an input file. When the input is
done, the user then can utilize the STAAD.Pro design engine for the structural analysis and
calculation. Input file can be created through:
A. Text Editor/Command File
In general, any text editor may be utilized to edit/create the STD input file. That input file is a text
file consisting of a series of commands which are executed sequentially. These commands
contain either instructions or data pertaining to analysis and/or design of structure.
B. Graphical User Interface (GUI) modeling facility
The GUI Modeling facility creates the input file through an interactive menu-driven graphicsoriented procedure using two workflows, Analytical and Physical Modeling.
Modeling Using GUI
Note: Node A will act as the start node and Node B will be the end of the beams. If you want to
show the START & END point of a beam, just press SHIFT+E in your keyboard.
Selecting Objects in STAAD.Pro
Any structural model in STAAD.Pro contains many nodes, beams, plates, loads, and other model
objects. With this in mind, it is important that you should be able to select the correct objects for
assigning different parameters.
To choose a different selection method, you may do any of the following method:
• Select it from the SELECT ribbon tab in the MODES group
• Right-click in the view window and select SELECTION MODE from the pop-up menu.
• Press spacebar on the keyboard to open the QUICK COMMANDS menu.
Selection Methods
Drag Box
A rectangular selection box will be activated by holding down the left mouse button and
dragging the pointer to create a windowed area in the view window.
Drag Line
Click and hold down the left mouse button to draw a line. All entities which the line passes
through will be selected.
Different Types of Cursor
Nodes Cursor
Used to graphically select nodes.
Beam Cursor
Used to graphically select beams
Plate Cursor
Used to graphically select plates.
Solid Cursor
Used to graphically select solids.
Geometry Cursor
Used to graphically select nodes, members and elements
of the structure simultaneously.
Members Cursor
Used in Steel Design or Concrete Design to graphically
select all those beams defined as a same member in the
member set up of member design, simultaneously.
Plates and Solid
Used to graphically select both plate and solid elements.
Using the Add Beam Tool to Create Beams
Add Beam
Add Beam between Mid-Point
Add Beam by Perpendicular
Used to create beams between two
nodes. The nodes may be existing or
can be dynamically generated at the
time of create the beam.
Used to add members between the
midpoints of two existing beams. Any
new nodes required at the mid-point of
either of the beams will automatically
be generated.
Used to add members between an
existing node and the perpendicular
bisection of an existing beam.