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12 Angry Men
Question Sheet
All questions should be answered in complete sentences. (8 points each)
1. How does the man who first voted not guilty gain support from the other jurors?
2. How do you think you would have acted as a juror in this case? How would you
have interacted with the other jurors?
3. List at least 3 things that made people in the jury change their mind and vote not
4. How did individual biases influence the group? You should talk about at least 2
5. After watching 12 Angry Men, do you believe justice can be achieved in the court
system? In other words, do you think the court system works?
Information about each juror (20 points total for chart)
What role did they play during the deliberations?
ie. Juror 8 was the man who played devil’s advocate from the beginning
What do we know about each person?
ie. Juror 11 was a watchmaker
Any additional information we know about each juror.
You may organize the chart in whatever way you would like. One suggestion would be
to leave enough room to write about all 12 jurors.