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Communications 11/12
Mr. Duce
12 Angry Men
Who are the characters? How are they characterized?
Authors use characterization to inform you about a character's personality. They reveal the character to
readers by the things he or she says and does in a story or play.
In pairs, you will be assigned one of the 12 jurors in the play.
You are responsible for creating a PowerPoint presentation about your assigned juror. This presentation
should include 5 slides:
a biography slide,
a personality slide,
a quotes slide,
a summary slide, and
an analysis slide. (See attachment to view detailed descriptions of what should be on each slide.)
Take notes on each of the 12 jurors as you watch the movie.
12 Angry Men PowerPoint Project – Character Slide Descriptions (each slide
marked out of 10….5 for spelling and grammar, 5 for depth of response)
Biography Slide – facts about the juror (age, occupation, background/birthplace, etc.)
Personality Slide – the students’ impressions about this character’s personality – words
and phrases to describe him (bitter, kind, afraid, etc.)
Quotes Slide – two or three quotes from the character that back up the personality slide
(they show the character exhibiting attitudes or opinions that show his personality)
Summary Slide – a short summary of the events in the play done IN THE VOICE of the
assigned juror. This summary should take into account the juror’s personality and the
types of things he has said during the play.
Analysis Slide – a slide that briefly analyzes the juror’s place in the play – what was his
impact on the plot, how did the other characters feel toward him, and even how most
readers would likely feel about him