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Reproduction in Humans

Reproduction in Humans
Sexual reproduction –
 In humans occurs when a female’s ovum and a male’s sperm fuse.
These gametes are made during the process of meiosis.
 Produces babies which are all different from their parents. This variation
is important for the survival of the entire species.
Female reproductive system
 Is mostly internal.
 The external opening of the
vagina leads up to the uterus,
which has 2 fallopian tubes
branching off that connect to
the ovaries.
 The ova are produced by the
ovaries. Once released during
ovulation, the ova move slowly
down the fallopian tube towards
the uterus. It is in the fallopian
tubes where fertilisation by a
sperm usually occurs.
Male reproductive system
 Both the penis and testes are
 The sperm are produced in the
testes. The testes are contained
within the scrotum. To get
outside of the body, the sperm
move up through the vas
deferens, has seminal fluid
added from the seminal
vesicles, and then moves into
the urethra and out through
the penis.