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Step-by-step guide How to create a shareable link(1)

shareable links of
presentation video and
Power Point slides
A step-by-step guide for students
Record your presentation using any
one of the following devices
• Mobile phone
• Laptop camera
• iPad
• Video camera
Right click on video to get a shareable link
Click on “sharing options” to select viewing
Select “Anyone with the link” to avoid any
issues with accessibility of video by tutors
Click on “Copy Link”
Before submitting the link, test access to your
shareable link to ensure that your tutor would be
able to view the video
Repeat the above steps to create a shareable link to
your PowerPoint slides & test if the link works
Click on the submission link in LMS under the
Assessment Tab
Tues, 10 Aug by 11.59 pm
Submit by pasting links under Qn (1) for video
and Qn (2) for slides